We are rediscovering the notion of experience and joy


About Us


Innovation First

Virtual Projects is a research and practice based polymath hub for innovative games and

creative technologies.

Keep Growing

An established culture of continuous learning and improvement is the core of VP.

Our designers, engineers, scientists and artists are constantly experimenting and developing new ideas in a collaborative and anti-disciplinary work environment.



Entertaining The World

We produce global titles played by millions around the world. From simple yet fun puzzles to realistic simulations we deliver high level of enjoyment and immersive experiences.




Game Developer

We're looking for a Game Developer to join us. You will be creating unprecedented games with high technology, and utilizing cutting-edge tools to optimize the experience. In this journey your team will help you to learn and practice to make the impossible just a piece of cake.


Game Artist

To increase the level of engagement a game requires connections in between mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics. You will be designing and creating game components in a singular approach to higher the quality of the experience. Join us to master various design and art perspectives together with a globally recognized team.


Product Designer

Virtual Projects, one of the most well-known trendsetter studios, aims to provide innovative experiences for its users. We believe that designing such experiences also requires knowledge of production. As a Product Designer you will be designing games, discussing new ideas, creating rapid prototypes and improving the quality of our products.






Thank you!