Tetr-iris: The Mock-up Machine.

2015 - Los Angeles, CA

In Collaboration with
Maria Katticaran
Uriel A. Lopez
Chen Sun
Tian Tang

Tetr-iris is an architectural floor/ceiling system that takes precedence from the generic mechanism of the shutter iris. The unit itself is a three paneled tetrahedron than can transform between open and closed positions. A steel frame and webbing system navigates the two languages of the complex grid of the units and rectangular extents of the system, allowing it to be deployed easily as a retrofit.

The Tetr-iris system functions as both a ground and ceiling. The system provides an engaging experience for users while also collecting useful information for operators. Pedestrians can walk upon the glass surface, triggering pressure sensors the actuate the corresponding panels below. This produces a dramatic lighting effect while engaging users both below and above, in addition to the spectacle of the unit itself.

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