Prometa MR

Prometa: An Architectural Maze/Puzzle

2016 - Los Angeles, CA

In Collaboration with Ruslan Antonenko.

Originated from cell structures and their related biological processes, "Prometa" is an immersive architectural experience that uses both fibrous and volumetric agent based systems to create a gesture controlled transforming environment. The transformations blur the boundary between what is viewed in architecture as figure ground, therefore creating a dynamic interplay between presence and absence.

You are now here in the middle of nowhere. No connections, no connectors. The state of not being present becomes a presence once a possible occupancy occurs. The space is not able to exist without the circumstances you create. You are ruling the time that forms the envelop you tend to be into. You are both the observer and the creator. None of your roles comes into existence prior to the other one. You are negotiating with a continuum which proceeds the process.

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