Phonoscope: An Interactive Pavilion Proposal for SXSW Austin/Texas.

2016 - Los Angeles, CA

In Collaboration with
Ruslan Antonenko
Mertcan Buyuksandalyaci

Phonoscope* is an interface between performance, performer and observer which extracts data from the performance and the observer, combines them and emphasizes the output as spatial and ambient transformations.

This experience was developed with the aim of merging physical and digital grounds of the pavilion with various displays of inputs and outputs.

Different animated shapes were assigned to ambient and rhythmic sounds to form a DJ interface within the VR worlds. These shapes active in response to the collision with the HTC Vive controllers in the user's hands.

The generated music feeds the software for analysis of beat and pitch detection, while the output of this analysis supplies variables for both Unity and Resolume in real time to manipulate VR and the projection mapping onto the milled surface. Within same process, Kinect was used to capture hand gestures and execute the ripple effect in both physical and digital world experiences.

*A device that shows an image representing the acoustical properties of a musical instrument etc.

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