Know How



We distinguish the ability of designing a game and having game design knowledge, but it is a fact that this knowledge makes developers and artists better at serving emotions and satisfaction. Virtual Projects design weeks and lectures are providing up-to-date information to all. Each member of Virtual Projects is exploring undiscovered sides of new technologies and methods to share and expand the knowledge.

Design Methodologies

Idea Generation

Any idea in Virtual Projects must be innovative and brand new. We support this statement by placing “Experimental Thinking” into the center of our company culture.

Singularized Purpose Approach

Mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics of a game should be working together to provide an immersive experience to increase the level of engagement.

Natural Communication

Dialogs between the user and the content have to be happening effortlessly. A successful game narrates itself by using minimum material and provides instinctive user interactions.

Long-term Trends

Timeless ideas fit their present and future perfectly.

Cross-industry Technique

Drawing analogies and transferring approaches between contexts, beyond the borders of the industry, sector, area and domain to expand our vision.


Product Team Policy

At Virtual Projects, each member of the product/design team is firstly being trained in the production pipeline as a game developer or game artist. This allows people to solve problems the development team would be facing in advanced.