Virtual Reality

Type: Virtual Reality

In Collaboration With: Ozel Office 

For: Nasa ( JLP )

2016 | CA, USA


The project puts together by NASA required the participants to design a 100 m2 habitat which would be able to accommodate living and research facilities as well as life support equipment for 4 astronauts for the first mission to Mars, built through the use of 3D printing technology using indigenous resources. Instead of 3D printing concrete-like shells from local sand, the team proposed to 3D print high performance composite shells through the combination of locally harvested basalt and carbon with fast curing polymer resins, a 3D printing version of how high-performance boats, planes, satellites, and spaceships are built.

The project was exhibited at A+D Museum Los Angeles, California as a virtual reality experience that people were asked to complete a short mission as being one of the first landed astronauts on the Mars. 

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