Breath A/V

Breath: An Architectural Audio Visual Performance

2012 - Istanbul, TUR

In Collaboration with
Emre Yazıcı
Işıl Karabulut
Bor Pro

“Breath” is an architectural audio visual performance in Bogazici University Albert Long Hall at May 18th 2012.

The great premiere... The first heartbeat... and the bricks come alive, each with a story to tell us... How it enhances itself, becomes an unmistakable member of the family with its unique character? Does it also shares human emotions that lived inside its body? Both physically and emotionally, no doubt it is alive, staring at us dramatically with all the secrets and whispers to be explored...

While blood pumps through veins, and each cell becomes a member of the whole organism, there are some inexplicable electrical charges born, crashing through nerves, attracting the core and confuses the regular cycle. Even if a chaos occurs inside, emotions could be somehow unaffected...

Architecture as a physical living creature with a secluded vivid spirit inside. Place, to be explored extraordinarily. Landscape as an unbounded canvas.

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