About Us


We are a TEAM

In Virtual Projects, we believe in that each individual’s opinion could lead us to brilliant new ideas. The vertical hierarchy in the team is just supporting us to organize the overall structure of the company. Everyone has to learn, teach, and create innovation.

Besides the personal contributions and advancements, any type of improvement must be happening collectively in Virtual Projects. More than 40 People are pushing the limits to build the future rather than trying to catch it.

Learn To Create

Create To Learn

There are members of the academic world in Virtual Projects including active academicians, PhD candidates and grad degree holders. Putting our effort on learning and education provides us unique brains to work with. We are generating human resources to the industry rather than just consuming it.

There are both internal and external workshops are given by our precious talents. A plethora of topics containing advanced technologies, design experiments, industrial updates, hands-on activities and more are being investigated to keep the knowledge always ahead of the industry.



Virtual Projects is a global technology company where entertainment meets innovation.

Internally designed and developed technologies like Byrd* "A fully integrated game analytics and production management tool utilizing neural networks to automate testing and publishing", and Nest* "Asset and code libraries with major project templates for different game genres, increasing the quality while reducing the time cost" empowers us to accomplish the impossible intelligently at extreme efficiencies.

By building more automation tools for our design and production processes, we have more time for R&D projects and higher quality products. We will continue to “define the box” upon “thinking outside of the box” thanks to our progressive technology.